Monday, February 14, 2011

Required reading 2/14

The last few weeks have seen a huge revolution in Egypt. What an inspiring show of dedication by the people to change their environment! This Valentine's week, celebrate love by being open to all kinds of people, embracing our differences, and fighting for one anothers' rights.

Your weekly reading and upcoming events:

Social media and social justice have joined powers to defeat evil: here

Rick Scott Reveals Budget: "Public schools would see a $700 per-pupil spending cut in classrooms; university research would be cut $217 million; and virtually every social-service program — from aid to the homeless and rape counseling to nursing-home care — would absorb deep reductions."

Orlando's ban on feeding the homeless goes to court

"Richard Lapchick, director of the University of Central Florida’s DeVos Sports Business Management Program, was inducted into the Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame during the Super Bowl weekend."

Turkish and Armenian Students visit UCF campus

UCF Black History Month is going strong - check here for a list of events

Learn about oppression with the Counseling Center Tunnel of Oppression

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